Solo / SB / Grade 5


This composition combines multiple styles, time signature changes, articulation and phrasing. The introduction is in 3/4, in G major, with sustained bass notes. This is followed by a bouncy eight-bar section, also in 4/4 in G major. This is repeated, but there are subtle differences in the treble. The second section is in 3/4 in C minor (but at the same tempo) and consists mainly of thirds in the treble, with four bars of sustained basses. This morphs back into a repeat of the first section in G major, in 4/4. A second playing of the introduction (in 3/4 follows, and then, back in 4/4, a new 21-bar section follows, and this accelerates rapidly (it’s a finger twister) to a sustained jazzy major 7th chord within a three-bar ending. The entire composition has abundant phrasing, articulation and numerous dynamic markings for interpretation.