Solo / SB / Grade 6


This fast-moving piece – written entirely in C Major – invites the performer into a time zone which varies between 7/8 and 8/8, tests the performer’s ability to play treble chords cleanly, with a jazzy feel, as well as single note runs – while keeping up the varying time changes to attain a consistently bouncy, jazzy feel. The first section is based on simple three-note chords and various inversions in the key of C Major, plus a couple of eight- and nine-note treble runs, while inviting a degree of dexterity in performing upper mordents in the treble. The second section (which starts with an acciaccatura) provides an eight-bar tune in the treble, together with some right hand runs, together with phrasing and dynamic ranges that will test the performer.

The bass (left hand) section contains chords, single note motifs, and also provides emphasis, punctuation and the rhythm and impetus to sustain the phrasing, drive and consistency required during performance of this jazzy composition, which also teaches the performer to play in an unusual time signature. It is ideally suited to Stradella (standard) bass instruments, although it can also be played on free-bass instruments.