Solo / SB / Grade 6


This composition is written entirely in G major, in a mix of time signatures. Its two-bar introduction in 4/4 is rapid – played only by two bass notes, followed by the first agitated section as a combination of treble chords and single note phrases. The last four bars of the first section test the skill of the performer, with rapid repetition of a single treble note. At the end of the repeated first section, the tempo slows down rapidly and takes the listener from the rush of a big city to a calm, lush suburban landscape in 12/8, with a single treble register to enhance its feeling of peace. But the calmness is soon disturbed by the return to city life via two bars in 6/4 time leading into the finishing stretch, a different block of tri-note chords, and a hectic finish in 4/4. This piece will test the performer’s ability to embrace the range of articulation, phrasing, and timing in order to achieve cohesion.