Solo / SB / Grade 5


This piece was written to provide the listener with the impression of rabbits chasing each other. Written in the key of G minor, the introduction is brief. It is fast-paced in the basses, with the treble taking the performer on a thrilling ride through the fields as the rabbits chase each other. Playing hide and seek, the pace slows in some sections while the rabbits listen carefully for each other, before resuming their frantic chase.

Both hands require considerable dexterity and consistency, and, in the first section, the performer is taken through a partial cycle of fifths in the basses, with melody and counterpoint in the treble leading to a build-up in thirds and sixths while the rabbits climb some rocks. After a recapitulation, the ending takes the performer through two octaves of triplets on a descending run, followed by an ascending run of demi-semi quavers towards the end of the chase, and its final chord.