Solo / SB / Grade 6


Written in the key of B major, this snappy piece is all about sustainability in the basses, while the treble frolics mostly along the black notes of the keyboard. It starts with a two-bar bass intro and two-bar bellows shake of a four-note chord. It then speeds through a section of fourths and thirds in the treble, set against the rhythm of two fundamental bass notes. As it develops, a four-bar (one in 6/4) treble motif continues one octave higher.

The fast-pace of the chase suddenly dissolves suddenly into a simple, almost poignant harmonic progression between treble and bass keyboards, at a much-reduced pace, inviting the utmost feeling, emotional expression, and control (in contrast to the aforementioned fast paced motif and main section). This lasts for just six bars, before pushing back into a busy re-instatement of the introduction and principal motif. The piece ends in a technically challenging romp through the sharp notes to end with a B major chord.