Solo / SB / Grade 5


Written in 3/4 time in E minor, an eight-bar staccato-style treble chord introduction leads into a flowing melody. After the first 13 bars it then morphs into A minor, then a jazzy two-bar treble chordal motif follows, with some loose syncopation-like feeling in the treble, combined with swing jazz basses (the rhythm section) which cross the middle beat of the bar. Then comes a song-like section in E major, including the use of some tricky treble triplets, and accented notes and jazz-like phrasing. A third section involves a syncopated melody-like motif in the treble combines with triplets, before a reinstatement of the first section, in E minor. This morphs into the return of the jazz-like section, which leads into the finish. This includes some tricky triplets and ends with a bang.